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Complete Gurukul Subjects

If you had the choice of studying in a regular school or studying in a school where they taught the below, which one would you choose??
Languages :
Sanskrit,Prakrit,Hindi,Gujrati & English
Vedic Maths:
Vedic Mathematics :
The practice of calculation method based on the 16 sources depicted in the scriptures composed by Maharishis.
Regular mathematics :
Study of simple and quick methods of calculation and practical calculations.
Study of Panchang, Hora, Suvela, Chogdiya, Muhurta, Kundali-Faladesh, Shukan Shastra, Palmistry, Ashtanga Nimitti etc.
Ayurveda :
Study of the texts based on the subject of routine(Dinacharya), seasonal(Ritucharya) and life-cycle(Jivan charya).
Vaastu Shaastra :
Study of the works of Puravcharya based on Vaastu Shastra for the construction of a home, temple and business institution.
(Dharma shastra)Theology:
Study of theological texts in the development of spiritual power.
History :
The history…

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