Raising Funds For Ayurveda international course

Read below if you like to help us raise Funds for Ayurveda Course

We are hosting/supporting 2 Large scale events .

28/29 october at bansi gir Gaushala ,ahmedabad  visit www.bansigir.in

More then 5000 ayurvedic practitioners are expected to participate

Soon to happen in Mayapur

international course on Ayurveda Panchagavya Science

We are allowing anyone everyone from age group of 15 to 85 years to learn ayurveda

in 51 days they will learn to be better then a 5 year degree course bams doctor

Both the events are free

for students & anyone to participate.

Purpose of the event

We want to Create a Common platform for Everyone who want to use natural and cow based remedies to heal thy self and help others

We are also planning to start a eco village of 280 acres near mumbai

It will be free alternative hospital and every patient will get a natural mud house in the midst of wild forest

his house will be densed with wild forestry trees

we want to make 500 such houses

Our Research says just by living in a natural house ,drinking natural water and staying with cows they will heal more then 60 to 70% from chronic diseases while remaining 30% will happen with Cowtheraphy & ayurvedic medicines grown in the same forest.

We want to give free treatment while by doing organic farming on 280 acres we will sustain financially our Eco healing project & concept alongwith 18 to 20 indigenous cows.

We are training youth to become ayurveda experts with our courses so that they can participate in this project and many such projects worldwide

If you like this idea we can discuss more


Gajanand agarwal

*You can help me*

 *i have Faith you want to see genuine healers in our society*

in todays Education system a very good student is exploited & has to pay huge hefty fees more then 50 to 80 lakhs to become a doctor and later that same student exploits the society by charging huge fees to poor people.

its a chain reaction exploiting because you were exploited.

We want to stop this Chain Here and now.

We want to give Worlds best Ayurvedic & Panchagavya education completely free to students

and also give free land to the students to grow their own herbs

And The same students will do free chikitsa later based on donations.

We need you to join our team to help us raise Funds to make this event possible.

Already we have hosted many many such free events in the past and their videos are on youtube.com/cowgrazing

our 10 days course videos have 60,000 to 70,000 views which prooves we are helping society in a big way

Do you want to help us raise funds ?

we will together make strategies

if yes then email us at contribute@krisit.me

Thanks for your help

*You are doing a big favour by helping us help the society*

Gajanand agarwal


  1. मै यह कोर्स करना चाहता हूँ
    कौन सी तरीख में शुरू होगा कैसे रजिस्टर हो सकते है

  2. मै यह कोर्स करना चाहता हूँ
    कौन सी तरीख में शुरू होगा कैसे रजिस्टर हो सकते है

  3. Great information and if you are looking for ayurveda school in india then IAYTS is the best place in india


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