Complete Gurukul Subjects

If you had the choice of studying in a regular school or studying in a school where they taught the below, which one would you choose??
Languages :
Sanskrit,Prakrit,Hindi,Gujrati & English
Vedic Maths:
Vedic Mathematics :
The practice of calculation method based on the 16 sources depicted in the scriptures composed by Maharishis.
Regular mathematics :
Study of simple and quick methods of calculation and practical calculations.
Study of Panchang, Hora, Suvela, Chogdiya, Muhurta, Kundali-Faladesh, Shukan Shastra, Palmistry, Ashtanga Nimitti etc.
Ayurveda :
Study of the texts based on the subject of routine(Dinacharya), seasonal(Ritucharya) and life-cycle(Jivan charya).
Vaastu Shaastra :
Study of the works of Puravcharya based on Vaastu Shastra for the construction of a home, temple and business institution.
(Dharma shastra)Theology:
Study of theological texts in the development of spiritual power.
History :
The history of Ramayana, Mahabharata, Jainism and the knowledge of different traditions of the world.
Yoga science:
Knowledge of various yoga, pranayama, meditation, sadhana etc.
(Nyaya shastra)Jurisprudence:
Knowledge of logic collection, liberation etc.
(Vyavasaya vidya)Business Practice:
Study of accounting transactions, buying, selling, producing and manufacturing, arranging and operating, promoting etc.
Economics :
Study of financial system and evaluation, business situation, etc.
Agriculture and Animal Science:
Knowledge of animal based organic farming and animal husbandry through climate, land, agriculture, biology, water etc.
Environmental science:
Knowledge of water, land, forest and animal related subjects.
Sociology :
Details of social system, rural composition, person special life character etc.
Knowledge of the subjects, countries, seas, mountains, segments, subdivisions, etc. and the study of dynamics and kshetra samasas.
Observations of space and knowledge of the planet, star and sun-moon
General Knowledge
Singing: Knowledge and training of classical, easy and varied Ragas, and vocabulary based on theatrical scriptures based on Bharatamuni.
Playing: Training of ancient instruments such as Jalataranga, sitar, drum, tabla, harmonium, duff, manjira, Pakwaj, santoor, violin, sarangi, flute, sarod, Mridanga, nagada, conch, tanpura, Kartala etc.
Dance :
Training of Kathak, Bharatanatyam, folk dance, Ras, Diva dance, Bambo dance, Bhangra dance, Chamar dance, Dangi dance, jhanj dance etc.
Drawing & Painting:
Training of line drawings, shapes, actual pictures, warly painting, caricature,shadow paint, glass painting, craft etc.
Acting / Drama:
Drama, solo drama, acting, dialogue, gestures and facial expressions
Paraamedha (Mid Brain):
By placing a bandage on the eyes, arranging the Rubik cube, checking the colors from the touch, scrutinizing the currency notes and giving the numbers etc.
Discourse :
Training of rhetoric, speech, story narration etc.
Magic Art:
Basic principles of magic and various games.
Culinary Skills :
Creating 6 kinds of foods suitable for season and taste
Sewing Arts/Embroidery :
Guntai (embroidery), Knowledge of various tankas, Kantna, Charkha, etc.
Makeup art:
Pavilion-make-up, home-makeup, stage-make-up
Writing art:
Handwriting, Calligraphy, Story Writing, Aihwal Writing, Planning Letter, Speech, Poetry, Drama, Dialogue etc.
Other art:
Leapan art, mud art, pearl, acupressure, lead art, jewelery, rangoli, warehouse system, Hospitality etc.
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